Top CBD Strains You Should Try in 2020

Tons of CBD flower strains provide fast relief from medical conditions ranging from glaucoma, depression, MS, cancer, anxiety, and others. Each strain has its own pros and cons and some are better than others. While it’s true that the best strain varies according to the reason for use, the following strains are among the best out there according to consumers who know best. Browse this list and try out as many of the recommended strains as possible to find the best of the best. CBD works amazingly to treat so many health concerns. Now you can find out why firsthand.

Cherry Wine

With as much as 22% CBD volume in Cherry Wine, users can expect results any time they consume this product. It’s a cross between Charlotte’s Cherries and Wife strains and certainly packs a punch. Users battling chronic pain often reach for Cherry Wine. It’s the perfect bedtime strain on those nights when you need deep sleep. And, of course, anxiety sufferers hail the strain for its calming effects that boost their mood.

Charlotte’s Web

Named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl who nearly stopped having grand mal seizures after she moved to Colorado to gain access to legal CBD oil, is one of the first strains ever introduced. It works wonders for patients with epilepsy, aids in sleep, and has tons of other benefits that keep it on the top of the list of favorite CBD strains for consumers.


Stephen King fans cannot resist trying out the strain bearing the same name as their favorite clown! Although King’s movies may scare you, nothing about Pennywise strain will make you take a step back. It’s an awesome CBD strain preferred over other strains because it works well to treat anxiety, insomnia, stress, and other medical conditions.

Super Lemon Haze

Aromatic and tasty, Super Lemon Haze usually contains THC in addition to CBD, so it may not be suitable for every user. For those seeking a feel good CBD flower strain, Super Lemon Haze doesn’t disappoint. The strain eases out sore, stiff muscles and re-energizes most anyone. Prepare to take on many of life’s best adventures after a SLH sesh.

Sour Space

If you’re a fan of sour sweets, Sour Space is the perfect cannabis online strain to suit your tastes. It has a sour flavor and pungent smell that creates instant pain-relieving relaxation and aromatic vibes in the room. The strain has high CBD, low THC ratios so it’s great to use during the day or at night without feeling drowsy. Sour Space is one the must-try list of CBD strains that you will love.


As the name suggests, the strain has strong pine and berry flavors combined together. It tastes and smells great. It is a powerful sedative with low CBD levels but a combination of many cannabinoids that ensures effectiveness. Pineberry is great for people looking to resolve insomnia, relieve anxiety and stress, and improve their moods.


ACDC reigns as a favorite strain for many CBD consumers. It’s a CBD-dominant heavy-hitter with long-lasting effects. It’s also been around for quite some time so it’s well-known amongst regular CBD users. Tension, anxiety and stress don’t stand a chance against a CBD strain such as ACDC.

The Bottom Line

Mix it up. Try out new strains. With hundreds of options available and new strains coming out frequently, getting your daily dose of CBD with the perfect ‘hit’ is possible every single time.  The strains listed above are favorites for CBD consumers across the country.

You may find some strains more impressive than others. Everyone has their favorites of course. Add them to your personal list of favorites. But don’t be afraid to try new strains. You won’t know what you like until you give it a try!

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